Demidov Water

Natural water of the highest category

About the source

Demidov — Altai water. Mountain water of the highest category, poured from the Holy Spring, saturated with silver and selenium ions. Pure, cool and soft taste of water. A perfect balance of crystal taste and the place of power of the Altai region.

The source is located in the Zmeinogorsky district, in the south of the Altai Territory. The scenery of this territory is truly mesmerizing: quiet plains, fabulous taiga and the mighty Kolyvansky Ridge, surrounded by picturesque lakes and mountains. It was here in the early 18th century that Akinfiy Demidov discovered the richest silver ore deposits beyond the Urals. Leaving his farm in Tver province, Akinfiy moved to Zmeinogorsk and devoted a significant part of his life to the knowledge of this treasure of Altai. Already in Akinfiy's time the unique properties of local water were noted and on his instructions several stone wells were built in the floodplain of the Korbolikha River to supply clean water to the mine workers.

Later, in 1899, on the initiative of the Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire, Count Sergei Witte and by decree of Emperor Nicholas II, the Zmeinogorsky mine was founded by the Treasury Wine Warehouse No. 7, which carried out the bottling of Tsar Vodka using water from the local source, later warehouses were transformed into Zmeinogorsky distillery, in the walls of which until the 2000s was the production of vodka and bottling of mineral water.

The source from which we extract water is located several tens of meters upstream from the century-old wells laid by Akinfiy Demidov.


Demidov water is a natural mineral table water, has low mineralization, which allows you to use it daily in unlimited quantities without consequences for the human body. Unique water Demidov is made by its balanced chemical composition and ideal natural pH level, which varies from 7.8 to 8.5 units. The water has an ideal ratio of magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) - 1:4. According to the classification of drinking water, Demidov water belongs to the highest category of water.

When bottling water, we are as gentle as possible to preserve this balance, we do not interfere with the structure of water composition, water passes only through the procedure of rough cleaning and disinfection by ultraviolet lamps. And it reaches the consumer in the form in which it resides in the Altai Mountains.


  • Total mineralization from 200 mg/dm3 to 350 mg/dm3;
  • K (potassium) - 0.4 mg/dm3 - 2 mg/dm3;
  • Na (sodium) - 5 mg/dm3 - 20 mg/dm3;
  • Ca (calcium)- 40 mg/dm3 - 70 mg/dm3;
  • Mg (magnesium) - 5 mg/dm3 - 20 mg/dm3;
  • SO4 (sulfates) - 20 mg/dm3 - 50 mg/dm3;
  • Demidov water is unique due to the presence of such elements as Ag (silver) - 0.002 mg/dm3 and Se (selenium) - 0.005 mg/dm3.

Form of release

Demidov brand water is produced in 0.7 liter glass bottles with two types of closure, cork - camu and talog. The bottles are packed in branded cardboard boxes of 6 pieces.